RIA/Flex Apps Development

RIA Development

The conventional HTML based internet applications have become obsolete due to their static nature and failure of inducing its audience anymore. It's the time of the Rich Internet Applications to attract more visitors' traffic. RIAs are web based applications that run on the web browser and have the features and functionality of conventional desktop software.

Offshore Technology Solution having a heavy experience in providing RIA development services has carved a brand name for itself in the market. Our RIA development team combines the best analytics, design, development and delivery processes with extended development knowledge to deliver complete & comprehensive RIA solutions. Offshore Technology Solution deploys enthralling RIAs that are sure to woo your online customers.

Offshore Technology Solution uses the following technologies for RIA Development:

  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR
  • AJAX
  • ActiveX Controls

Advantage of RIA:

  • According to Wiki, RIA is "a cross between Web applications and traditional desktop applications, transferring some of the processing to the client end."
  • Compare to traditional page based internet application, RIA solutions provide better interface and functionality of a desktop application.
  • Also, there is no page refresh in RIA Application that increases the end user output and efficiency.
  • Other advantages of RIA solutions are consistent look and feel across all browsers, faster performance and lower bandwidth usage once downloaded.

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