Remote Monitoring

In global business environment, business never stops and neither should your IT department. In this situation it is vital to take care of your IT department 24X7, 365 days a year, downtime means lost business as well as revenue, unhappy customers and frustrated employees.

We promise our IT experts are able to fix 98% of IT related faults remotely so there is no down time even out of working hours.

We believe if you are unreachable for your client, your client can reach your competitor which is not good for your organisation. Reduce your down time and cut your support cost and contact us for a free consultation.

Support per Machine

Offshore Technology Solution can provide you fixed monthly charge with hands-on support with guaranteed response times of your IT environment; we cover all faults and errors.


Fixed Cost per Machine

After a preliminary stabilisation of your IT environment, we cover up all faults and errors taking place, as well as basic supervision, for a fixed monthly or annual fee.


Pay As You Go Hours

Offshore Technology Solution offers a flexible way to use our expert services. Purchased pay as you go hours can be used as telephone support, remote support or on-site support. The more hours purchased, the lower the equivalent hourly rate.



Mostly organisations don't consider committing an annual contract, in particular if their IT support requirements are undersized. Offshore Technology Solution is pleased to offer our skill on a relaxed basis charged at an hourly rate.

Mostly organisations require in house IT staff or IT department to support their network and business. Offshore Technology Solution can make available dedicated certified IT expert for your organisation. As a substitute of expenditure time keeping systems are running smoothly, your key business and valuable staff can have the independence to focal point on core business performance


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