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The bottom line? Our consultants can help you:

Figure out what you need and where to find it

Figure Out Your Technical Requiremets. We are Sure that every thing you need you would find it at Offshore Technology Solution

Define your detailed functional and technical requirements

Assess your eCommerce needs and strategies

How do you know you're set up to succeed? Offshore Technology solution ensures a comprehensive, data-driven strategy across eCommerce marketing, technology, and operations, putting you on your path to success.

Marketing Need to grow traffic and sales? Need to create and defend your marketing budget? We've lived in your shoes. Offshore Technology solution help you prioritize your eMarketing spend and focus efforts where it'll count.

Design wireframes and site navigation

Web site wireframes are blue prints that define a Web page's content and functionality. They do not convey design – e.g. colors, graphics, or fonts.

Wireframes – combined with Site Maps -are the bread and butter tools of information architects. Web site wireframes are useful for conveying the general page structure and content requirements for individual Web pages. Typically wireframes are developed by an information architect, requirements analyst, or designer. In many Web groups these are all the same person

The navigation system provides a set of screen elements that allow the user to move page to page through a website. The navigation design should communicate the relationship between the links it contains so that users understand the options they have for navigating the site. Often, websites contain multiple navigation systems such as a global navigation, local navigation, supplementary navigation, contextual navigation, and courtesy navigation

Benchmark against industry best practices

How do you stack up against the competition? What about best-in-class eCommerce Websites? Every retailer wants and needs to know. Offshore Technology solution give you customized, detailed and objective eCommerce benchmarking by vertical, by feature, etc.

Write an effective eCommerce RFP and analyze responses

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a formal document sent to vendors inviting bids for the organization's EHR project. A RFP provides valuable insight into the vendor's operations and products. It standardizes comparison by asking all vendors the same questions. It also provides the vendor with crucial information about the health organization seeking to implement EHR, such as provider profile and project goals.

Sending a RFP to vendors often creates a "competitive feeding frenzy". Some vendors may try to schedule an on-site meeting early in the process. It is important to discourage such attempts to maintain a fair and objective EHR selection process.

Offshore Technology solution's RFP Response Analysis provides a clear and concise path through the complex process of selecting the best vendor to fill your critical business needs. With over 20 years of analysis data on all major hardware platforms (open-system and propriety) and leading application suites, Solitaire is the most effective independent industry verification to aid your organization in resolving procurement questions. Offshore Technology solution 's rigorous process, coupled with its database, evaluates hardware, software and business objectives to eliminate all uncertainty associated with acquisition decisions.

Offshore Technology solution's RFP Response Analysis service has been used to evaluate thousands of proposals. With Offshore Technology solution's vast database of client experiences and the use of advanced mathematical theories, you can be assured that a detailed and complete analysis has been performed.

Sort through the clutter of eCommerce technology offerings to find the best fit

Ask and answer the right questions and stretch your thinking


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